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Applicant’s signature affirms financial responsibility for and willingness and ability to pay Cougar's invoices. Applicant authorizes Cougar Tactical LLC to obtain information it considers necessary in considering this application. If the applicant is unable to pay for purchases when due, the applicant authorizes Cougar to add interest (1.5% per month; 18% per annum) to the amount due. If Cougar incurs additional collection costs, the applicant agrees to pay these collection costs, along with the attorneys' fees. You will be responsible for any collection fees in the event we don't receive payment after 60 days. Upon acceptance by Cougar Tactical LLC, this application constitutes a sale and purchase agreement. The information contained in this application is accurate. Refused/Returned shipments, will incur a 25% restocking fee. Returns policy varies by product and some products are not returnable. Returns must take place within 14 days of shipping date. Custom made-to-order items and discontinued items are not returnable. Original items at the time of return found in a damaged state would possibly be refused as per the Company Return Policy. In order to evade such situation it is recommended to pack and return in a new, unused and unworn condition with all tags attached. In case of a re-turned item, the amount would be re-funded in the same mode as the original payment done by the customer at the time of the purchase, provided all the terms for the return as per the cougar return criteria. Shipping charges would only be covered by Cougar in case of a shipping error or a manufacturing defect.

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